The political campaign, “It’s time”, led by Gough Whitlam in 1972, changed the way Australia thought about itself and gave the country a new destiny. A more inclusive and compassionate society at home – a more engaged and relevant country abroad. It snapped Australia out of the Menzian torpor – the orthodoxy that had rocked the country asleep, giving it new vitality and focus”. Paul Keating, former Australian Prime Minister 1991 –1996

2017 National Symposium

30 November – 1 December

Old Parliament House, Canberra


The government, having waited too long for industry to self-regulate, has imposed minimum standards on adviser education, conduct, and even ethics.


Now, more than ever before, it’s time.


It’s time to finally stand apart from the crowd and be recognised as proud, committed professionals who demand more than basic minimums.


This year, in 2017, you are going to experience something different at your Symposium.


Your venue is the Australian institution, the Old Parliament House, the birthplace of so much of our history. You will hear from prominent members of Parliament, both past and present, and will sit in those same green leather seats of the House of Representatives Chambers, where once destiny-shaping decisions were made.


During the day you’ll be given the opportunity to examine your mindset and chart a new course of 2018. Later, in one of the grand old dining rooms, you’ll be taking part in a problem solving exercise that can make a difference to some lives. And, during the day, you will be invited to witness signatories drawing a line in the sand – history will be made once again at Old Parliament House.


Because it’s time…


Symposium Costs:

$495pp, including Welcome Dinner at Hotel Kurrajong on Thursday night, 30th November

Optional dinner on Friday evening, 1st December: $80 per person, including drinks